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Perhaps the most important book that we should be talking about is the book entitled "From Israel To Damascus" written by Robert M. Hatem better known as Cobra. He was the right hand, the shadow and the "watchdog" of the biggest traitor in the Lebanese history, the so called Elias Hobeika.
Cobra reveals important facts of the Lebanese war and what truly happened during that time.

We will try to cite some of the most important passages in the book hoping you will try to understand.

Truth is, in our case, stranger than fiction, but truth will win out. At one point, we picked up the tab, those in power had us in the palm of their hands, but in the end we will be on a par and those leaders will see justice done.

Not one single assassination operation or attempt was carried out to serve the Christian Cause. Every move was prompted by personal interest, and big money paid by big shots for the execution.

The Christians of Lebanon are about to be liquidated. They were sold to a bunch of egotistic, money-loving, double agents and manipulators, the jib-head being Elie Hobeika; H.K. A dangerous, vindictive and occult man. A double-agent whose hands are not only stained with Palestinian blood, but with Lebanese innocent Christian blood.

The two persons who actually burnt down Lebanon, and cursed its people were "H.K." Elie Hobeika and Assaad Hardane. Assaad Hardane masterminded Bashir's death among many of his crimes against the Christian people!

It was Maroun Mashaalani's men, undaunted by their regular and immoderate use of heroine and cocaine who perpetrated the most ghastly slaughters in the camp bordering Ghaza Hospital at the entrance of Sabra. That is where foreign nurses and doctors were shot down in cold blood. The minute General Ariel Sharon had been informed that something odd and unwanted was going on, he summoned his commanding officers and Hobeika.

The Israeli officers were jealous and filled with rage, blaming Hobeika for actually ordering the massacre of Palestinian civilians. Hobeika coldly reported that it was because of the darkness he could not tell who they were.

At around 6:00 a.m., the Lebanese Forces, arrived to inspect the butchery. Fadi Frem, Fuad Abou Nader, Steve Nakour, Elie Hobeika and I inspected the premises. Hobeika instructed Nakkour, who was in charge of Logistics, to send tractors to clean up the camps and leave no traces of the massacres, wiping out all evidence.

Once again, the mastermind, Hobeika had toyed with the lives of young patriots, committing them to carry out reprehensible actions which could serve only Syria's interests!

It was later discovered and proven that Bashir's actual assassin, Habib Tanios Shartuni, was a secret member of the pro-Syrian, anti-Kataeb Party, Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SNSP). The SNSP was represented by Assaad Hardane via Nabil Al Allam Chief of Intelligence and Security of the SNSP. Syrian Army Intelligence "conducted" by Ali Douba assisted Shartuni in providing and stashing the bomb. How could Hobeika claim that he had received orders to massacre the Palestinians from the Israelis? I did not know where his two ultra secret meetings with Abdul Halim Khaddam during the first half of 1982 fit in.

Reflecting back on the events of my life, all the facts led me to believe that Hobeika was the man, who in 1982, provoked the Sabra and Chatilla massacres.

After killing Bashir Gemayel, in secret coordination with the SNSP and Syria, I also suspected Hobeika was instrumental in the fall of the Likoud Government.

Hobeika had been Syria's man inside the Lebanese Forces.

With Bashir out of the way, Hobeika could unleish his zenith ambition. To hit the mark, Hobeika terrorized the Christians bringing the to their knees. That was all the Syrians would want from him. Syria's number two man in command, Abdul Halim Khaddam, told him once in front of me, Cobra: "Control the ground, you hold the decision".

Réné Kehdo Moawad was a mercantile playboy who was married to a money-loving sex seeking beauty, Marijeanne Raymond Nashaty. Marijeanne Raymond Nashaty had a younger sister, Gina. Hobeika often met Gina at the Chalet. They fell in love. Gina, was just as pretty, sexy and money-loving as Marijeanne.

The Lebanese Forces decision-maker, the "troika", Hobeika, Geagea and Pakraduni decided it was the right time to strike and safeguard their place in the Christian fiefdom. Samir Geagea, was a military man, a tough guy, dogmatic, ambitious and pious like all highlanders. Elie Hobeika, the "Mukhabarat" man, the secret Syrian ally, operated and exercised his influence slyly. He did not need to work on anybody's feelings. He felt unbreakable. He despised and hated Geagea and he felt this was his chance, if ever, to use him then oust him.

"The Christian Decision Movement" as the Intifada was called, and now strongly supported and applauded by the large majority of the Christian people and the militia men. At that time, Hobeika, the winner of this venture, estimated rightly that the time was not ripe to get rid of Geagea who he contemptuously named the "Goatherd".

Lebanese Christian Blood Brokers

Hariri: "Islamization of the land". (FINANCES)

Hobeika: "Christian Society Security under any consideration". (EXECUTES)

Khaddam: " Hold the land - you are the decision Maker". (PLANS)

It was time for Syria to make one step further to destabilize the Christian ranks. They would bring their old and new allies together in a dramatic reconciling involving Soleiman Franjieh and Elie Hobeika. It was prepared by Karim Pakraduni. Hobeika, the commando leader, who pulled the trigger and killed Tony Franjieh, was going to be officially received by the "Kateb-hater", the Patriarch, Soleiman Franjieh into his Syrian protected fiefdom, Zghorta/Ehden.

Regardless of all out Christian opposition, on December 28, 1985, the Damascus Accord was signed and sealed in the Syrian capital. Hobeika was warmly received by Syrian President Hafez El Assad, who for the past 10 years had attempted to break down the Christians.

Earlier on the way to Damascus, driving in the vehicle were Hobeika, Michel Murr, Karim Pakraduni and myslf. Karim asked Hobeika, "What are you giving Samir in the agreement? How would you deal with Syria about him?" Hobeika overbearing and full of his own importance answered with a smile, "We are through with Tony Frangieh and his feudalism, you want us to hamper ourselves by Samir and his feudalism." This meant his popularity in his Bsharreh hometown. It was clear to me that he was set on eliminating him.

The money that belonged to the Christians and the Christians "Cause" went into the pockets of a bunch of no-good mobsters fearing neither God nor man.

Hobeika's father was appointed Head of the Fourth Section dealing with supplies, food and fuel. The man Hobeika dared describe, in a recent interview to Télé Lumière, as a Saint, is nothing but an unscrupulous crook. He laid hand on the fuel and instead of heating us, he sold it on the black market. He barely thought that we were 300 active young men who were supposed to be well fed, well heated and well treated. I remember him saying time and again impudently, "I am preserving my son's money!" Big money and easy money, I should say. Rafik Hariri used to send him every month, $400,00 United States dollars, in an empty video film boxes stacked in suitcases. I used to pick up the "goods" from Hariri's residence in Abou Remaneh. Michel el Murr also sent $150,000 United States dollars monthly payment which Hanna Moussa handed to Hobeika personally, right in front of me. We barely cost him $60,000 United States dollars a month. His wife, Gina costs $50,000 per month and the rest went to his pocket and to a Swiss bank.

A swindler and a spendthrift, Hobeika lusted for more money. For some reason Hariri had decided to turn off the tap. Hobeika and his lieutenants resorted to other sources of revenue and new means to obtain it. That was when drugs, counterfeit and kidnapping for ransom started on a very large scale.

I am not priding myself, but if it were not for my rapid action, Elie Hobeika would never have come out alive from Geagea's 50kg bomb blast. He owes  me his life, a life of power-seeking and fortune-making, and above all fundamental cruelty and egocentricity. All he could to to repay was to throw me and the boys in a hell of fix.

Elie Hobeika was horror stricken, but not crushed. He was, on the one hand, convinced that the attempt on his life would help him win back his popularity. On the other hand the Syrians would boost him and help him get even with Geagea, even boot Geagea out of the Christian sector. No sooner had Hobeika regained his health, then he set off his avenging machine.

Abdul Halim Khaddam was the manipulator. Khaddam was cruelty personified, and greed  made this man. Syria's number two man in command had set out from the very beginning of the war, to bleed the Christians. By the time he had Hobeika as an obedient executor, he schemed to kidnap persons for ransom. Tamraz, one of the richest Christian businessman in the area, open to all, was the right bird. Khaddam incited his arm, Hobeika, to work on Tamraz. The executants gloated and performed!

Today, I am still on the United States authorithies' blacklist, thanks to Elie Hobeika, who in the eyes of the United States authorities is clean. All his dirty work was done by his underdogs. He took the credit and the money and we took nothing but a bad name, a dark future, poverty and destitution.

Hobeika was Minister and had to preserve his saintly image, as long as he had his henchmen. With my poor education, I was at his beck and call totally subdued, ruled by him, and thought it was an honor to my boss favors.

He used his henchmen to do the dirty jobs for him without anything in return. What was more, we became the criminals, they the Saints, we the misfits, they the power-holders, we the vagrants, and they the established big shots.

Hobeika was mocking Aoun, intending to send him to the scaffold.

Strange as it may have seemed, Aoun trusted Hobeika and believed what he reported. I will always wonder how an all important Regular Army Commander-in-chief, assumed to be on the alert and distrustful, laid his life, and the life of the Christians who followed him, into the hands of such a ruthless and unscrupulous man as H.K.

Jihad Shaheen, Lebanese Army Commander of the Commando Brigade was also recruited by Hobeika and betrayed Aoun. He gave us precious logistic information on Aoun's strategic Roumieh Base and other vital information regarding Anoun's actions. These details reports and map references were immediately handed over to the Syrian Troop Commander in Lebanon Brigadier Ali Deeb, and Syrian Intelligence Chief Ghazi Kanaan.

Today, I look back shamefully at our ignominious conduct as we, Hobeika's underdogs, would pick up vital information from our kins in the Christian sectors and then hand the information over to the Syrians. We did so while Hobeika paid honors to his masters, and dragged the Cause, Country and People in the mud.

Without a shred of doubt, the Syrians owed their sweeping victory of October 13, 1990, to the collaboration of Elie Hobeika, a Lebanese Maronite Christian, prompted by his greed for money, power and glory.

At 10:00 a.m., Captain Riad, commanding the Syrian Units that stormed Baabda, contacted Brigadier Ali to confirm proudly that he was in General Aoun's office sitting at his desk. The armored tank units were then instructed to get ready to move in at 3:00 p.m.. Captain Riad and his men were given until 3:00 p.m. to loot, slaughter and burgle whatever they could lay their hands on.

We finally arrived and the world stood still. The butchery, looting and havoc we saw was staggering. It was a nightmare. Hobeika, cool and smiling, had no qualms. He was a conquering hero. Now I realize that Brigadier Ali was more honorable than my boss. The two men entrusted me with a mission and sat talking in one of the offices in the ruins of Baabda Palace.

Aoun's Mercedes was taken by Rudy Edward Barudy; an armored white Range Rover, and two armored navy American Blazers were handed over to the pro-Syrian Lebanese Army Commander General Emile Lahoud at the Bain Militaire, Raouché; two other regular Range Rovers went to Brigadier Ali; and, a gray BMW 528 went to Bourvil; Joseph Asmar took Fayez Karam's black Mercedes. A customs officer at the Beirut Airport, Kamal Tannir, a Sunni Moslem, falsified the cars ownership certificates, which are in my possession.

The next morning I heard on the radio about the assassination of Dany Chamoun and all his family. It was 7:15 a.m., when I went to wake Hobeika and break the news to him. He asked me three times, "and his family too?" He knew all along that Dany Chamoun and his family were to be killed because he had coordinated the plan with the Syrian Burean in charge of political assassinations "Maktab El Ightiyalat".

I know I have horror stories to tell; real stories that have never been told before, but they have the unmistakable ring of truth, sustained by irrefutable and concrete evidence. I, Cobra, Robert M. Hatem, his troubleshooter and his pawn, have not decided to speak out, just for pleasure, but out of duty and for justice, justice for everyone's sake; and, before Hobeika demolishes what is left of the Christians of Lebanon.

I speak out specially now that Hobeika is aiming higher, and wants not only to recover the "Christians Street" as the "Only Christian Leader", but to get the highest office, the Presidency. The readers may wonder why I have waited to long to react or should I say wake up and open my eyes. The problem lies in the fact that Lebanese cannot live without a Zaim, a leader.

All the apartments he resided in were either a present from the Syrians or swindled from his victims.

The country was in ruin and 80 percent of the people existed under the poverty line while Hobeika wore kilos of gold, smoked 25 cm long Havana cigars and own three or four 500 or 600 square meter apartments in Lebanon. His wardrobe contained expensive foreign suits. He owned secret Swiss bank accounts and a stable of luxury cars.

Fadi Saroufim supervised the execution of Hobeika's victims: Issam Awwad; George Massoud; Tony Haddad and George Khawand and know where their bodies were just dumped.

The former Minister George Frem, a decent, honest man was sacked and replaced by a corrupt and greedy one, Hobeika.

There, his life was marked by a tragic event. His lovely 18-month-old daughter, Sabine, fell ill. She ran a very high temperature. His mother and wife blamed each other leaving the baby by herself. For lack of care and attention, the temperature kept rising and she had to be rushed to the Greek Orthodox Hospital in Ashrafieh. Soon she was totally paralyzed, but apparently conscious and in terrible pain. The consulting physician, Professor Ernest Majdalani gave up hope of saving the agonizing girl maintained alive by needles and tubes covering her frail and tiny body. Hobeika's agony was even greater and he expressed it in fits of fury. He kept praying for her relief and death. One day after a terrible fight between Gina and her mother-in-law, in at the hospital, Hobeika went out if his mind, took me aside and told me to put an end to this mess and take care of the baby to stop her suffering. I did. With a dreadful pang, I practiced euthanasia, the sinful act banned by Christianity. Ever since then, I live with the ordeal which, I'm aware, I will never be able to tear out of my conscience.

In any case, behind the assassination of ANY LEBANESE CHRISTIAN FIGURE, stands the Syrian command, and its Lebanese lethal arm.

It is suspected that Hobeika was the person who masterminded the killings. He received support from Amid Ghazi and later blamed the killings on Geagea. The motive of the crime was that Syria wanted to realize its dream. Syria wanted to dominate the Christian regions forever with their trusted candidates, Assaad Hardane and Elias Hobeika.

Anyone who dares to say NO to the Syrians becomes and Israeli agent, the highest treason in Syrian jargon. Whereas the Israelis have never treated us as stooping agents but as allies and friends. The Israelis cleaned out Lebanon of all foreign armed elements including the Syrians. In return, Lebanon paid Israel back with treason and disloyalty. In short, Lebanon has only TWO OPTIONS, Israel or Syria. It is up to the Lebanese People to make the right choice before being gulped up.

We now come to the most interesting part in the book, the countless number of women Hobeika fucked.

Click on the image down below to see a listing of all screwed women.